What We Offer

We have a well established distribution network, as we source products through all our four warehouses spread across the country. More than that, we have suppliers from all European Union countries beside Romania.
Currently we have a chain of twenty-two pharmacies under the brand “Farmacia Perfect Care” and “Pharma Care”. One of our pharmacies is the highest selling independent pharmacy in Sibiu city.
The markets where we are active with this brand are: Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Senegal and Georgia. Our brand Lady Anion is a new generation women’s sanitary napkin.
Perfect Care is engaged to offer a wide range of services for Contract Development and Manufacturing (CDMO) as well as high quality proprietary cosmetic and medicine products.
From the very start of our business ventures, we have been focused on green energy. The management of our group has been involved in the development and management of photovoltaic power plants.