Who We Are
Perfect Care Distribution was founded in the year 2012 with the purpose of distributing products related to healthcare on the Romanian and international market. Its main registered activity is the wholesale distribution of medicinal products.
Over time our company has expanded into pharmaceutical retail, production on personal hygiene products, cosmetics and renewable energy.
What We Do
We have a well established distribution network, as we source products through all our four warehouses spread across the country.
More than that, we have suppliers from all European Union countries beside Romania. This enables us to efficiently supply our 250+ corporate customers from 22 countries spread across three continents.
Why Choose Us
The values of Perfect Care Distribution are seriousness, devotment and fairness – attributes which bring us closer to our business partners.
The management of the company is represented by an energic team of young professionals, who are always up to the task at hand.
The company has grown each year, reaching over 170 employees in 2019.


What We Offer