About the company

We call ourselves Perfect Care Distribution, a dynamic company based on quality and value, a company that innovates and distributes medical products in the national and international market since 2012. We always are in compliance with the global regulations and quality requirements. We value and respect our employees, our partners, our suppliers and our customers but also the communities in which we act with responsibility and integrity.

A team of young energetic professionals who are always ready to handle any task represents the company’s management.

The values promoted by Perfect Care Distribution are: innovation, collaboration, integrity, reliability and fairness - attributes that differentiate this company from the rest of the market.


Our company had the important advantage of capitalizing on the market knowledge acquired by its managing personnel during its years of international activity. While extending the activities related to the distribution of healthcare products, Perfect Care became a fully licensed wholesaler of medicines.

In the first half of 2013 the company has moved its warehouse to a new facility, located in Fundulea City, about 30 km away from the administrative office in Bucharest. The new warehouse has allowed a larger storage and is ideally located on the A2 highway, linking Bucharest to the Constanta port, thus completing all means of transportation.